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Your cell phone really is killing you….maybe

The World Health Organization has added cell phone radiation to its list of known of carcinogens.

The classification puts cell phone use in the same category as lead and air pollution.

The move is the result of a research project spanning 14 countries to examine peer-reviewed studies regarding cell phone use and cancer. WHO found that cell phone users had a statistically higher rate of a certain brain cancers — gliomas and acoustic neuromas.

The researchers said there wasn’t enough data to come to a conclusion regarding other types of  cancers.

While many experts have long denied the idea that cell phone use could cause cancer, it’s worth noting that many manufacturers of mobile devices and other health researchers have advised taking steps to minimize exposure. Protective steps include:

  • holding the cell phone about an inch away from one’s head when talking
  • texting instead of calling
  • using a headset for calls so the phone isn’t held right next to your head, and
  • avoiding phone use in situations such as basements and elevators where the phone has to emit more radiation to “connect” to a cell tower.

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