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Yet another hospital pays to settle patient dumping allegations

A Los Angeles-area hospital is paying $125k to settle allegations that it dumped a patient at a homeless shelter.

The city was suing Centinela Freeman Holdings for allegedly discharging a 60-year-old woman with a chronic lung condition at a temporary homeless shelter. The patient was found carrying an oxygen container when she was discovered by authorities.

The case is one of just hundreds pursued by the city in recent years. One hospital is accused of having dumped more than 150 patients at various homeless shelters over the past few years.

Under the terms of the settlement, Centinela will pay $5,000 in penalties and make a $120,000 donation to a non-profit that works with the mentally ill homeless.

Centinela didn’t admit to  any wrongdoing, but has agreed to meet other conditions of the settlement, including not releasing homeless patients in a designated “patient safety zone” where most of the city shelters are located.

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