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Woman cures her own cancer — by coughing it out

The phrase “coughing up a lung” is about to take on an entirely new meaning. Claire Osborn, from Coventry, England, had a coughing fit so hard, it actually removed a 3/4-inch tumor.

Awhile back, the otherwise healthy 37-year-old woman felt a strange tickle in her throat, and then coughed up a small “liver-colored” piece of tissue. Concerned, she immediately went to her doctor’s office.

The doctor sent the tissue to be analyzed — it turned out to be a metastatic adenocarcinoma that had probably formed in glandular tissue in the back of her mouth.

Follow-up tests to prep for chemotherapy showed that the cancer — which is usually aggressive — was seemingly totally removed. Doctors couldn’t find any trace of a remaining tumor. They theorize the cancer grew on what was essentially a “stalk” which was removed by her coughing fit with nearly surgical precision.

Doctors did perform a small procedure to surgically remove any cancer cells that may have been missed by the scan.

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