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Wikileaks gives some more reason to fear EHRs

So far, Wikileaks’ release of embarrassing government documents has been limited to foreign policy issues. But some fear it’s a sign that the feds can’t protect electronic health records, either.

A few privacy advocates had warned that the Obama administration’s move to expand EHRs, combined with operations like Wikileaks that seek to expose information, could lead to disaster.

Of course, there seems to be little reason for an outsider to release the news that Aunt Hilda is being treated for gout and that her diabetes is in check — and if they did release that information, it’s unclear why any media outlet would actually run with it.

But the hypothetical threat does exist — and if individual patient records were released, it would be a black eye for the health care organization that was meant to safeguard the information.

Do you think EHRs are secure enough? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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