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What does a nurse’s proper ‘bedside manner’ include?


You’d think this would go without saying: Nurses’ duties don’t include providing certain intimate “services” to patients. A nurses union in the Netherlands has launched a national campaign to get that very basic point across.

The campaign, using the tag “I draw the line here” was started following a complaint from one of its members. The nurse filed a complaint after she was dismissed by a 42-year-old disabled man she worked for.

He asked the nurse to provide “sexual services” as part of his care. She refused, and was subsequently fired. The man claimed she was unfit to provide necessary care.

The nurse who filed the complaint claimed she had witnessed other nurses in the man’s employ providing the requested service.

The union, NU’91, wants patients and health care organizations to acknowledge that that kind of “assistance” is outside the scope of a nurse’s responsibilities. The union also reported the incident to the police.

Have you ever had to handle an outrageous patient request? Share your perspective in the comments.

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