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What doctors want from technology: More mobility

One of healthcare IT departments’ biggest jobs is providing doctors with the technology they want and that can help them improve their patient care. What are doctors’ priorities when it comes to technology?

One big priority for doctors is increasing their mobility, according to a recent survey from CompTIA.

According to the IT trade association’s Third Annual Healthcare IT Insights and Opportunities study, doctors are moving beyond now-commonplace laptop and notebook computers and are now using smartphones, tablets and mobile applications to provide care for patients.

Among the 350 doctors surveyed:

  1. More than half currently use a smartphone in their work
  2. 25% currently use a tablet computer, and another 21% plan to start within the next year, and
  3. 38% of those who with a mobile device use medical-related apps on a daily basis, and another 12% plan to use those apps daily at some point in the next 12 months.

Over all, 67% of doctors said increasing their use of mobile technology is a priority for next year.

Specifically, many doctors plan to use their mobile devices to take advantage of the data portability offered by their new electronic health record (EHR) systems — one-third of doctors use smartphones or tablets to access EHRs, with another 20% expecting to start soon.

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