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Want the most depressing job? Work in health care!

Who’s got the most depressing job in the world? It might be you.

Of the career tracks with the most people reporting major depression, two of the top five most depressing jobs are in the health care field, according to a new report.

Nursing home & child-care workers — This career ranked as the most depressed, with 11% of folks in this field reported at least one bout of major depression. That’s compared to 7% of the general workforce. One of the key reasons these workers are blue: They care for people who often can’t express gratitude for the care they receive. Long hours with little positive reinforcement takes a toll.

Health care workers — This catch-all category includes doctors, nurses, therapists and many other professional caregivers, who ranked as the fourth most depressed group of workers. The biggest challenge they face is off-the-charts stress: Long hours, death and disease, caring for trauma victims and working with patients’ less-than-perfect  family dynamics are all part of the day-to-day.

Rounding out the top ten most depressed professions were: food service workers; social workers; artists, writers and entertainers; teachers; administrative staff; maintenance and grounds pros; financial advisors and accountants; and salespeople.

What are your strategies for keeping the stress at bay? Share your advice in the comments.

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