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The 10 Greatest Medical Inventions of the Last 50 Years [Infographic]

Top 10 Medical InventionsPeople are living longer, better lives thanks to advances in medical imaging, new tests, medicines and treatments. We’re living longer and better lives today than at any time in history, in large part due to medical advances.                                             -Council for American Medical Innovation

In order to bring the most important medical inventions into the spotlight, HealthExecNews has put together an infographic highlighting The 10 Greatest Medical Inventions of the Last 50 Years.

The medical inventions that made our list range from life-saving drugs, like Highly Active Anti-retroviral Therapy (HAART) – which combines 3 different medications to fight HIV/AIDS – to the artificial heart developed by Dr. Robert Jarvik, which has been saving lives since the early 1980’s. Even “classic” medical testing devices have their place on our list; our top pick highlights devices from the 1970’s that are still a vital part of patient care.

We can’t deny that digital technologies have completely changed our world, and the influence of these modern innovations on our personal and professional lives has made a significant mark on the medical industry.

View the infographic for a complete and detailed overview of The 10 Greatest Medical Inventions of the Last 50 Years.

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