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Hospitals wasting millions due to unused supplies

Managing supplies effectively is critical to avoiding waste in hospitals. Unfortunately, many facilities aren’t tracking their medical supplies as closely as they should be, and that’s created a huge surplus of medical goods that often go unused. 

8 ideas to reduce hospital waste

Whether it’s because of the economy or just having good business goals, more hospitals are looking to cut waste in ways big and small.

Waste in health care: Where does it start?

For a variety of reasons, many patients seek wasteful, too-expensive care in ways that hurt every part of the system — health care providers, insurers and patients.

Staffer steals Fentanyl, infects patients with Hep C

Stoned staffers roaming the halls present more than just the obvious risks to patients.

New bill could slow Medicare payments

A new bill would allow the feds to delay Medicare payments when there is suspicion of fraud, waste or abuse. Question is: Who decides what looks suspicious?

$700 billion in waste: Where’s it coming from — and why?

The recent report that tagged health care waste at roughly $700 billion per year should come as a surprise to no one. But some of the causes of that waste might.