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eConsult platform use in community primary care settings reduces uncompensated care provided by hospitals

Rural hospitals are facing severe challenges in maintaining operating margin, with uncompensated care being a major factor. In this guest post, Chris Jaeger, head of ACO and Health System Strategy for a company that develops solutions to improve patient outcomes, will show how Telehealth eConsult platform use in local primary care settings to improve “right […] [MORE]

Avoid uncompensated care costs & bad debt in your hospital

Hospital bills have become costly for patients, so many aren’t paying them. It’s become a battle for facilities to collect balances from patients and, as a result, bad debt is increasing. However, some hospitals are using different strategies to work with patients so they can get paid. 

HHS: Expanding Medicaid under healthcare reform will save hospitals billions this year

The financial picture is looking better for hospitals in states that have expanded Medicaid coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Reason: The cost of uncompensated care for those hospitals is likely to go down by billions of dollars this year. 

Hospitals rack up billions in uncompensated care costs

Although uncompensated care costs in hospitals have remained relatively stable over the years, they still represent a significant portion of healthcare costs, according to the American Hospital Association (AHA).

Where you’re getting ripped off now: Uncompensated care on the rise

If it feels like your balance sheet is a little out of whack, there’s good reason: