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New site rates hospitals based on Twitter feedback

Can you tell how well a hospital is doing using Twitter? A group of researchers say yes, and they’ve created a website to rank facilities based on the feedback they receive through the social media site. 

Sharing the health: How hospitals can use social media

There’s another strange tool hospitals should consider using to improve patient care and manage diseases — social media. 

Study: 6% of doctors violate patient privacy on Twitter

Hospitals have likely been warned to make sure their employees’ social media mistakes don’t end up violating patients’ privacy. Should they be worried about doctors, too? 

Social media: How well does it work in health care?

Lots of businesses are using social media sites to promote themselves and provide information to clients. How well does that strategy translate to health care?

Why your social networking strategy may be falling short

New research shows what is — and isn’t — working for health organizations venturing into social networking.

Telehealth and ‘instant’ info: Does it do more harm than good?

Should you be tweeting wait times for your emergency department? What about letting patients self-diagnose from the comfort of their couch?

Case study: Twitter brings in emergency blood donors

There was one bright light amid the grim violence of the recent shootings at Fort Hood.

Twitter: Newest tool for patient care

Is there a legitimate use for Twitter as a health care delivery service? Yes, according to some professionals in the field — if the “just for fun” service is approached from the right perspective.

HIPAA nightmare: Staffers blogging patient info

You’d think it’d go without saying that health care workers shouldn’t include patient info in their Twitter or Facebook posts. You’d be wrong.