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Hospital accuses own COO of stealing patient data

A hospital is suing its former COO, alleging that she stole patient records and other private data to share with her new employer.

Nurse faces death penalty: Did she inject patients with bleach?

A nurse is accused of killing five of her patients by injecting bleach into their dialysis tubes.

Feds charge Texas doc with $375M Medicare fraud

The feds have filed charges alleging a Texas doctor perpetrated the largest health care fraud in U.S. history.

Doctors stage a rally against hospital CEO

Trouble’s afoot at Knapp Medical Center in Weslaco, Texas: Doctors and other staff staged a public protest outside the hospital, calling for the ouster of CEO James Summersett.

Two docs indicted for fraud & over-prescribing patients to death

Two doctors face potential life sentences for charges they defrauded multiple health plans and over-prescribed narcotics which led to four patient deaths.

Boston hospital announces first ever full face transplant

Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Boston has announced another medical milestone: The nation’s first full-face transplant.

Massage therapist faces jail for fraud

A good massage sure feels therapeutic. But remember: It isn’t a medical service, and you can’t bill for it as physical therapy.

Hospitals’ residency program investigated for false claims

The feds are investigating whether two Dallas hospitals committed fraud in billing for procedures performed by their residents.

Hospital slashes Emergency wait times by 75%

Long wait times in the Emergency Department are stressful for patients and staff — but they aren’t inevitable. 

States weigh pros and cons of health reform on their budgets

The newly passed health care law is generally seen as a boon to patients and most providers. But how individual states will fare is much less clear.