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Hospital collaborative improves surgical outcomes, saves big bucks

A collaborative of 10 hospitals in Tennessee managed to reduce their rates of acute renal failure, surgical site infections and wound disruption, all while saving millions.

Some parents opt for ‘chicken pox pops’ over vaccines

A federal prosecutor has issued a warning that buying lollipops laced with chicken pox is illegal. Most people would add that it’s also a terribly dumb thing to do.

Court: Hospital can be sued when one patient attacks another

A hospital’s job isn’t just to treat patients and keep them safe anymore — now you have to worry about keeping them safe from each other.

Top 10 U.S. health systems — is yours on the list?

Is your hospital part of the Top 10 health care systems in the U.S.? Read on to find out.

Is this hospital too unsafe to receive Medicare payments?

A Tennessee hospital stands to lose Medicare funding if it doesn’t adequately address safety concerns by the end of this week.

Report: Doctors’ lack of ‘sensitivity’ may cause more strokes in some patients

Could lack of “multicultural awareness” be putting black patients at more risk for stroke?

Report: 275k to die due to lack of health insurance

A new report gives hard numbers for the steepest price of all the “costs” discussed in the health reform debate. 

Hospital rejects new hires who smoke

If you smoke, it could cost you your next job.