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BYOD security risks: Strategies to protect your hospital

Your hospital’s biggest security threat isn’t likely to come from outside hackers, but rather internally from your clinical staff. That’s especially true if your hospital allows staff to access email and internal servers through their personal smartphones or tablets under a bring your own device (BYOD) policy.

Residents don’t have much use for iPads

A lot has been written about the use of tablets in healthcare and how providers are beginning to use mobile devices for their work. But enthusiasm for popular tablets may not be as high as many observers think, even among younger professionals. 

Most patients forget medication – how mobile apps can help

As smartphones and tablets become more popular, a new report shows the potential those devices have for improving health care. 

Patients want health care on their smartphones

Health IT isn’t just giving hospitals more ways to use technology to treat patients. Patients are also interested in using tech tools to manage their own care. 

One key lesson for BYOD programs in health care

Along with nearly every other industry, more hospitals and other healthcare providers are letting employees bring in their own personal mobile devices. That’s creating several new risks for those organizations. 

Study: Medical residents disappointed with iPads

More healthcare providers are using iPads and other tablets to help treat patients. But it’s important for doctors and hospitals to have realistic expectations about those devices. 

Choosing the best tablets for doctors: 3 keys

As demand for tablet PCs grows among healthcare professionals, hospitals will want to make sure they’re choosing the best tablets for doctors. 

3 BYOD horror stories healthcare providers can learn from

More healthcare providers are allowing doctors, nurses and other employees to use their own personal smartphones, tablets and other devices. While that may be great for productivity and patient care, it can create new risks, as shown by these three real-life BYOD horror stories. 

Survey: Health IT pros see tablets as positive and threatening

Both doctors and health IT pros agree that tablets like Apple’s iPad can bring many benefits for health care providers. However, security concerns often keep those devices from being used. 

One tool doctors want but aren’t getting support for

More doctors are turning to mobile devices and online tools for their work. Is your health IT department supporting all the tools doctors want and need?