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Keys to preventing readmissions after surgery

New research attempts to shed light on the most common reasons patients are readmitted post-surgery, and how hospitals can nip the issue in the bud. 

Study: Hospitals reduce colorectal surgical site infections risk

Did you know that across all types of hospitals, surgical site infections (SSIs) are disproportionately higher among patients following colorectal surgeries? And with the focus nowadays being on providing quality care for less money, addressing such a common place procedure that has costly issues tied to it is one of the main reasons why it was […] [MORE]

Improved patient care is a checklist away

A simple checklist for common diagnoses can dramatically reduce patient deaths, according to a new study.

Is an MBA the new prereq for M.D.s?

The changing nature of health care means physicians have more patient information available to them than ever before. Problem is, they don’t always understand the business side of the industry.

Lowering post-op mortality — the surprising key

New research indicates that when it comes to reducing patient mortality, how well post-op complications are managed is just as important as preventing complications in the first place.

Case study: What’s really working to reduce hospital-acquired infections

Evidence shows the most effective weapons against a variety of hospital-acquired infections are incredibly low-tech.