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Fraud or compliance issue? Supreme Court hears debate on ‘implied certification’

A case being heard by the Supreme Court could have far reaching consequences when it comes to healthcare fraud. 

Supreme Court rules in favor of health reform law

Here’s some good news for hospitals, particularly those that treat many Medicaid patients, or patients with healthcare exchange plans: The Supreme Court just ruled in favor of keeping federal subsidies for health insurance intact.  

Supreme Court ruling affects hospital payment appeals

Bad news: The Supreme Court overturned a ruling that could’ve given hospitals and physicians a bit more breathing room when it comes to appealing payments.

Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform: What it means for health IT

After a long wait, the Supreme Court’s verdict is in: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is constitutional. 

Breaking news: Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform law

The Supreme Court’s verdict is in: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is constitutional.

Supreme Court hearings create new uncertainty for health IT

As if the shifting deadline for the ICD-10 transition and complex meaningful use rules weren’t enough, now the recent Supreme Court hearings on healthcare reform are creating even more uncertainty about the future of health IT.