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Unique approach to cut healthcare costs: Hospital pays for patient housing

Some hospitals are thinking outside the box to control healthcare costs in the emergency department, particularly for disadvantaged patients who count as “superutilizers” – patients who make multiple visits to the hospital each month for minor issues. One facility’s solution aims to improve patients’ health by improving their socioeconomic standing. 

Cutting ED use: One hospital’s success story

It can be tough for hospitals to control unnecessary emergency department use, particularly with disadvantaged or underinsured patients. But one hospital is trying a different approach to decrease the chances these patients will visit the ED for minor illnesses. 

Avoid prescription drug abuse in ED patients

It’s a big problem: Patients visiting the emergency department (ED) seeking prescriptions for painkillers so they can feed a drug addiction. Hospitals have had trouble cracking down on this phenomenon in the past, but facilities in several states have come up with effective solutions. 

New ways for hospitals to stop unnecessary ED use

Even with all the changes brought about by healthcare reform, “superutilizers” continue to be a big problem in hospital emergency departments (ED). And some facilities are coming up with unique ways to curb this problem.