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Surprising truth about hand hygiene during COVID-19

Proper hand hygiene has never been discussed more than it is today. Hospitals are working harder than ever to keep patients safe, even while their providers jeopardize their own health. One might expect that raised awareness due to the pandemic would lead to improvements in hand hygiene, but a recent study reveals without intervention, hand […] [MORE]

Healthcare execs looking forward to future: Keys for hospitals

The future of the healthcare industry isn’t all doom and gloom, even though sometimes it seems that way. Many healthcare leaders are actually optimistic about where the industry is heading and how their businesses will perform in the coming year. 

New study finds physician-owned hospitals aren’t outliers

Physician-owned hospitals (POHs) have gotten a bad rap for years. They’ve been accused of cherry-picking the healthiest patients and leaving the sickest ones for non-POHs. But a new study finds that bad rap may be unwarranted. 

Community-acquired pneumonia: Monotherapy works just as well as other approaches

For patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia, but don’t need to be put in the ICU, which antibiotic treatment is best: beta-lactam monotherapy, beta-lactam-macrolide combination therapy or fluoroquinolone monotherapy? 

Hospital using EMRs to maximize Medicare billing?

Are hospitals using electronic medical records (EMR) to bilk Medicare? That depends on who you ask. 

6 infectious disease outbreaks linked to hospital drug thefts: Patients at high risk

The widespread theft of drugs from hospitals reflects what experts say is a nationwide surge of prescription-drug abuse — and in many cases the culprits are the very people entrusted with caring for patients. 

Mayo Clinic finds proactive aftercare will slash patient readmissions

With federal payors docking payments to hospitals for early readmissions, researchers at the Mayo Clinic found aggressive aftercare strategies can slash patient re-hospitalization rates by 20%.

Study: Reduced hospital-acquired delirium in intensive care

Did you know hospital-acquired delirium is a big problem in the intensive care unit (ICU)? 

Study: ICU patients suffer with depression

One-third of patients admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) develop depression that causes physical symptoms rather than the typical psychological signs, a new study finds. 

CDC progress report: Are we reducing healthcare-related infections?

There’s good news in the fight to reduce healthcare-associated infections — the number of reported cases has gone down. The bad news: There’s still a lot more to do.