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How your hospital can handle nurse fatigue

More facilities are hoping to use nurses to address gaps in care. But first they’ll have to keep those nurses healthy. 

How hospital leaders can develop stronger patient engagement

To meet the healthcare industry’s new demands, facilities will need to engage and connect with patients — and there are steps hospital leaders can take to help. 

5 strategies for stronger physician-administration partnerships

To handle all the changes coming in health care, hospital execs will have to have solid relationships with their physicians. Here are five strategies to help you form those strong physician relationships. 

How to make big data work for your next project: 4 strategies

Projects that analyze big data give hospitals unique opportunities to explore problems and develop effective, efficient solutions. But before your facility begins its next big data project, try these best practices. 

Patient engagement: Nurses critical to patient-centered care practices

Doctors are an integral part of the team, no doubt about it. But your nurses are the ones that can make or break a good hospital experience that leads to positive outcomes.