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New way to perform heart surgery can boost outcomes, cut costs

One of the conditions Medicare’s closely looking at for readmissions is heart disease. Often, patients who are admitted for heart conditions or heart attacks end up having cardiovascular surgery, and any complications arising after these procedures could negatively impact readmission rates. So hospitals need to be looking for ways to make sure these patients recover […] [MORE]

Did doc do unneeded procedures for a free pig roast?

A doctor who’s been accused of implanting hundreds of unnecessary stents received millions in cash and other incentives from a stent manufacturer.

101 patients file suit against doc, hospital for unnecessary stents

A doctor stands accused of performing unneeded, invasive heart procedures on patients — and now the patients are fighting back.

Fraud watch: 300+ unneeded stents implanted by one doc

So far, at least 369 patients of one hospital have learned they didn’t need the stents their cardiologist implanted.

Doc says he was fired for refusing to use wrong stents

Here’s a situation no hospital exec wants crossing his or her desk: