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Calling the boss nuts on Facebook? Feds say it’s OK

What health care pros can and can’t say online about their employers is up for debate, thanks to an important new legal case. The fallout could have huge repercussions for both hospitals and their employees.

Hospitals on a spree to hire more doctors

Fewer doctors are opting to start or join private practices. What makes hospitals so alluring — and what does it mean for health care?  

‘It was just a splinter!’ Did hospital overreact to Facebook photo?

Have hospitals gone too far to protect “sensitive” information when even a simple procedure and a photo on Facebook are all it takes to get a number of  employees reprimanded for bad behavior? 

Layoffs: 2010 could be worst year yet for hospitals

Health care in general may have fared better than many industries in the recent downturn, but recent data shows it was far from immune.

Survey: Less than 50% of first-responders willing to work a lethal pandemic

Emergency services personnel are known for their mettle — but new research shows even they have a breaking point.

Hospital uses robots to reduce staffing costs

They may not have the greatest bedside manner, but a crew of 19 robots is saving one hospital a lot of money.

Just what does a doctor do all day?

Patients love to gripe about wait times, but a new report shows just how much goes on “behind the scenes” at the typical small practice. 

Growing problem: ‘Alarm fatigue’ blamed in patient fatality

All the alarms in the world can’t protect a patient in crisis if the people monitoring those alarms ignore or turn them off. That’s the hard lesson recently learned at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The sleepyhead shift: Plain talk about sleep deprivation at work

Just how much damage are workers doing to themselves when they routinely get 6 or fewer hours of sleep per night?

Will you need more staff after implementing EHRs?

Don’t assume EHRs will automatically lead to a reduction in staff.