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What health IT pros love and hate about their jobs

Healthcare IT professionals are highly sought after right now, and hospitals need to find every advantage they can get to attract and retain workers.

Report: Trend of hiring more docs continues

Good employment news! If you’re a doctor… 

Hospital’s nursing shortage turns deadly

Under-staffing isn’t just a management problem and a hassle for nurses. A new report shows it can have deadly results.

One-fourth of nurses looking for jobs — can you guess why?

A new survey indicates nearly one-fourth of nurses plan to look for a new employer once the job market recovers.

Report: Understaffing led to children’s sexual abuse

Lax supervision and too few workers were the main drivers behind a series of sexual assaults at one Chicago psychiatric hospital, according to state officials. 

Benefits of nurse staffing levels vary by type of hospital

While a high nurse staffing level is generally a good goal, some facilities get more of a quality boost from it than others.

Proof: Short staffing leads to deaths

Lower staffing levels can contribute directly to patient mortality, according to new research.

Your surgeon was up all night — does informed consent require you know that?

An article in The New England Journal of Medicine raises an ethical question: How much information — and how often — must a patient be given to ensure they’ve given truly informed consent?

Smokers need not apply at this hospital

Smokers shouldn’t bother applying for jobs at this hospital. Those who need a nicotine fix are no longer welcome.

AHA comes out against OSHA setting resident work hours

The American Hospital Association says the feds shouldn’t be in the business of regulating medical residents’ hours.