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Patient data’s biggest threat: Man vs. machine

In 2015, the healthcare industry experienced 265 recorded cybersecurity data breaches, and those are just the ones that affected more than 500 patients, according to the Office of Civil Rights. While attacks on large-scale providers made headlines, organizations of all sizes are constantly at risk of a breach. In this guest post, Mark Johnson, founder […] [MORE]

Pros and cons of EHR systems, according to doctors

As we’ve written before, there’s plenty that doctors both love and hate about EHRs. A new survey has some details on what clinicians see as the pros and cons of electronic records. 

Dissatisfied docs sue EHR vendor

As more hospitals are adopting EHRs, many are finding that their doctors are dissatisfied with those systems. One group of doctors has a solution: 

Do doctors trust mobile apps for healthcare?

Many mobile applications are being developed to help people better manage their health. But how do doctors, nurses and other clinicians feel about their patients relying on those apps? 

New clinical iPad app released as tablet use grows

A new iPad application from ADP joins the growing ranks of software designed for doctors to use tablets for accessing EHRs and performing other clinical functions. 

EHR user ratings reveal top choices in different categories

What’s the best EHR system out there? Here’s what one organization ranks as the top software in several categories. 

KLAS announces health IT software rankings

A health IT research firm recently announced a list of the software products healthcare organizations are most satisfied with. 

Tech tools aid in providing true informed consent

It’s not uncommon for patients to be too scared or confused to fully understand the information their doctors are giving them regarding a planned procedure. Health care providers have new tools that help both parties.

10 medical devices are potential time bombs

As much as technology has helped advance medicine, it can have a harmful side, too. When broken or used improperly, devices meant to heal can harm — or even cause death.

New questions about EHRs’ effectiveness

No doubt, many people are touting the value of moving toward EHRs. But for all that time, effort and money, how much of an effect do they really have on patient care?