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More patients looking for health care online: Boost your digital presence

Patients are increasingly looking for health care online, so ensuring your organization’s internet presence remains top-notch is more important than ever. For many healthcare consumers, a hospital’s online presence is the first impression they get of your facility – so you need to make it a good one.

4 new rules for effective hospital marketing

Hospital marketing has taken an unexpected turn: Because of a policy that ties 30% of hospitals’ Medicare reimbursements to patient satisfaction scores, some hospitals are using hotel-like amenities to attract and pamper patients. But these luxuries don’t assuage concerns about high healthcare costs. In this guest post, Dave Sarro, president and founder of a customized promotional […] [MORE]

Why hospitals need social media, online presence

Potential and current patients are increasingly using websites and social media as a starting point for gathering information about your providers and hospital. 

How hospitals can best leverage social media

Social media is changing how patients interact and perceive their hospitals and physicians, but it isn’t all good news for your facility — there are serious risks involved with these online tools. 

Prevent social media nightmares with airtight policy

Are employees fully aware of your hospital’s policy for social media use? It’s best to make sure they are – otherwise, you may face a difficult situation like New York Presbyterian Hospital had to deal with regarding one of its emergency department nurses.

Sharing the health: How hospitals can use social media

There’s another strange tool hospitals should consider using to improve patient care and manage diseases — social media. 

Business strategies: Taking advantage of all social media has to offer

Nowadays, nearly everyone uses social media in some way. But did you know it’s a great way to market your facility or practice? If you really want to take advantage of all social media has to offer, look beyond its marketing capabilities and think of it more as a business strategy.

Study: 6% of doctors violate patient privacy on Twitter

Hospitals have likely been warned to make sure their employees’ social media mistakes don’t end up violating patients’ privacy. Should they be worried about doctors, too? 

Healthcare Business & Technology launches 3 new social media profiles

It can be difficult to find time to research healthcare industry news. Healthcare Business & Technology is here to help. 

Social media policies that comply with the law: Key rules

Many healthcare providers are writing social media policies to protect themselves from the dangers of employees’ social networking use. But those organizations will need to make sure they aren’t getting themselves into any compliance trouble.