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Hospital noise is top complaint for just about everyone: What to do

Hospitals are notoriously noisy places, from beeping machines to overhead announcements. That noise level can be distracting and annoying for not just patients, but staff members and visitors, too. 

3 keys to improving patients’ sleep during hospital stays

The importance of a good night’s sleep for hospital patients can’t be stressed enough. It’s one of the most significant factors affecting their recovery. But due to practices such as late-night rounding, it’s difficult for patients to rest. 

Noise control: How hospitals are keeping patients happy and healthy

Sure, you work in a hospital, but have you ever spent the night in one as a patient or the family member of a patient? If so, then you probably know what gets the worst marks on patient surveys … noise.

Reducing residents’ work hours doesn’t improve patient care

It would seem to make sense that if your resident physicians worked fewer hours, they’d get more sleep,  learn more, do a better job, be happier and not be a risk to your patients. However, recent studies have proved that theory wrong.

How improving patients’ sleep in the hospital is key to recovery

With the hustle and bustle happening at all hours in a hospital, patients may have trouble getting adequate sleep, which could have a huge impact on their recovery.

OSHA weighs tougher rules on residents’ hours

Even tighter rules may be on the way that limit the hours residents can work in hospitals.