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Is there a Weinstein in your hospital? Dealing with sexual harassment

Recently, sexual harassment claims have become widespread, and every industry is dealing with the fallout. The ideal world would be one with no harassment claims, but we’re not there yet. If your hospital gets hit with one, it’s essential to be prepared – and make sure everyone involved feels supported. 

Female doctors have high rates of burnout: Here’s why

Studies show women make excellent physicians, but they experience burnout at higher rates than their male colleagues. Female doctors also have higher rates of depression than average – so what’s going on? 

Record damages in PA’s harassment case: $168M

A physician’s assistant has been granted a record-setting award for her claims of sexual harassment and other abuse at the hands of her former employer.

What does a nurse’s proper ‘bedside manner’ include?

You’d think this would go without saying: Nurses’ duties don’t include providing certain intimate “services” to patients.

When good doctors go bad

No one likes to talk about it, but disruptive behavior and interpersonal drama in hospitals and medical practices is putting patients at risk.