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More patients looking for health care online: Boost your digital presence

Patients are increasingly looking for health care online, so ensuring your organization’s internet presence remains top-notch is more important than ever. For many healthcare consumers, a hospital’s online presence is the first impression they get of your facility – so you need to make it a good one.

Report: High-quality hospitals get better reviews on Yelp

More patients are starting to choose their hospitals based on feedback from other patients, independent research and reviews. Yelp’s become a popular forum to review and rate hospitals, and there’s evidence it may be beneficial with helping patients choose a high-quality hospital. 

Negative online reviews: Best ways to respond

Online reviews and ratings for patients are a fact of life for hospitals today. While positive reviews of facilities and providers can boost your reputation, negative ones can leave lasting damage. And even bigger issues can arise if providers take the wrong approach to responding to bad reviews. 

Why hospitals should pay attention to Yelp reviews

Hospital executives may not want to pay attention to critical reviews of their facilities online. But it looks like it’s time to give patient reviews more weight. A new analysis shows that online patient reviews paint just as accurate a picture of a facility’s quality of care as do federal surveys used to measure patient satisfaction. 

Negative online reviews: What you should and shouldn’t do

In the past, what patients thought about the doctors at your hospital or the facility itself didn’t really matter that much. Patients came to the hospital because they lived close, but now there’s a lot more competition and patient reviews of your facility and your physicians can matter a lot. 

Why aren’t there more doctor reviews online?

At a point in time where you can find a dozen different sites offering user reviews of everything from restaurants to shoe repairs, and hotels to local microbrews, why is it so hard to find a useful collection of reviews about doctors?