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Freedom, not pay, is the best employee motivator, says management expert

Though in many industries, there are still a lot of job seekers competing for a few jobs, that’s not the case in health care – especially when it comes to IT employees. 

5 reasons your best IT employees want new jobs

Despite a rough job market in other areas, a lot of organizations are trying to hire IT employees right now. That’s especially true in the health industry, and healthcare organizations may have a tough time finding and keeping qualified tech workers. 

Hospital execs saw smaller raises this year

Health care may have been spared the worst of the recession, but there have been effects on workers and execs.

Are patients driving your staffers crazy?

A new study reveals nearly half of hospital employees feel disengaged from their work. And the more time they spend with patients, the worse it gets. Can hospitals change that?

The real reason mid-career primary care docs are quitting

New research shows that retention of mid-career primary care physicians is up against many more hurdles than just improving their financial prospects.