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Reducing residents’ work hours doesn’t improve patient care

It would seem to make sense that if your resident physicians worked fewer hours, they’d get more sleep,  learn more, do a better job, be happier and not be a risk to your patients. However, recent studies have proved that theory wrong.

10 hospitals now offer special addiction residencies

Growing interest in treating addiction as a medical issue, not a mental health issue, is behind the new program.

AHA comes out against OSHA setting resident work hours

The American Hospital Association says the feds shouldn’t be in the business of regulating medical residents’ hours.

OSHA weighs tougher rules on residents’ hours

Even tighter rules may be on the way that limit the hours residents can work in hospitals.

Hospitals’ residency program investigated for false claims

The feds are investigating whether two Dallas hospitals committed fraud in billing for procedures performed by their residents.

Study: Shorter hours hurt resident training

Despite claims that shortening residents’ hours would improve both their training and patient care, a recent study suggests the opposite is true.

More proof: New residents are killing your patients

Recent research lends credence to the belief that the influx of new residents each summer increases the risk to patients.

Oops! Stressed out docs make more mistakes

Fatigue isn’t the only thing that can lead docs and other staffers to make serious medical mistakes. Now you have to worry about their emotional well-being too.