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Healthcare organizations need to do better with third-party risk management

Nowadays, hospital executives and administrators are always worried about data breaches. In this guest post, Dennis Keglovits, VP of a company that provides governance, risk management, and compliance and information security software, explains the risks of outsourcing and the importance of having an ongoing risk mitigation process in place.

Patients, not paperwork: 3 ways to take advantage of CMS’ reduced burdens

Regulations are created for a reason – keeping patients safe and providing quality care. Today, physicians and facilities are looking for ways to reduce costs and save time, while still providing quality care. In this guest post, Larry Lacombe, VP of program development, support and FM compliance at a company specializing in facilities management, safety, […] [MORE]

State requires hospitals to adopt new sepsis protocols

As the leading cause of death in U.S. hospitals and a major driver of medical costs, accounting for an estimated $17 billion annually, it’s surprising hospitals aren’t required to implement specific sepsis protocols. But that’s all about to change.

What health IT pros need to know about e-discovery

In addition to HIPAA rules and other laws, there’s a new compliance issue affecting health IT: electronic discovery regulations. 

Report: States are years behind dialysis inspections

Budget cuts have left many dialysis centers un-inspected for five years or longer — and patients using them are at risk.

OSHA weighs tougher rules on residents’ hours

Even tighter rules may be on the way that limit the hours residents can work in hospitals.