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3 keys to recruit & keep the best volunteers for your hospital

Many hospitals rely on volunteers to augment the care clinicians provide to patients. But just like with paid positions, it can be difficult to recruit and retain good, reliable people. That’s why hospitals should put as much effort into finding and keeping volunteers as they do to fill other roles. 

What health IT pros love and hate about their jobs

Healthcare IT professionals are highly sought after right now, and hospitals need to find every advantage they can get to attract and retain workers.

What do healthcare CIOs want from their employers?

As is the case with security professionals, top-notch health IT leaders are critical for hospitals as they begin relying more heavily on technology. What will it take to keep those people happy as demands on them increase? 

6 ways to attract top IT security pros to your hospital

As more health data becomes digital, IT security is becoming increasingly important for hospitals. One key tool for protecting data: having a staff with the right cyber security expertise. 

How your competitors are attracting health IT pros

Bringing in top IT talent could be a challenge for hospitals, as many different types of organizations are trying to hire additional tech workers. 

Top 10 benefits health IT employees want from hospitals

Finding and keeping health IT staff is challenging right now – and it’s made even more difficult when hospitals don’t know what benefits health IT employees want most. 

5 common health IT hiring mistakes providers must avoid

Organizations are currently seeing a shortage of health IT talent, and hospitals can’t afford to make these common IT hiring mistakes.

4 ways to keep staffing shortages from threatening health IT projects

With rising adoption rates for electronic health records and other technology, health IT pros are in high demand. That’s great for people with skills and experience in health tech, but hospitals and providers have a problem: There aren’t many qualified applicants for health IT jobs out there. 

5 reasons your best IT employees want new jobs

Despite a rough job market in other areas, a lot of organizations are trying to hire IT employees right now. That’s especially true in the health industry, and healthcare organizations may have a tough time finding and keeping qualified tech workers. 

10,000 health IT employees needed in Texas alone by next year

We’ve reported recently on the expected job growth caused by the expanded use of health IT. Here’s more evidence about exactly how many new jobs there will be for health IT professionals: