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Addressing coronavirus, behavioral health crisis and public health concerns

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the United States was already in the midst of a suicide and opioid epidemic. Suicides are the tenth overall leading cause of death with 48,344 fatalities in 2018. 

14 hospitals rack up $850k in fines for dangerous errors

California recently fined 14 hospitals a total of $850,000 for a variety of errors that put patients at risk. 

Binge drinking cost: $2 a pop

The cost to society of an individual tying an extra one on is about $2 per drink, according to a new study by the CDC.

Contaminated IVs suspected in deaths of nine patients

Alabama public health officials are investigating an outbreak of bacterial infections at six hospitals in the state. 

Are we ready for a public health crisis?

How prepared is the U.S. for a major public health crisis? A new report has both good and bad news. 

Is a universal flu vaccine around the corner?

A breakthrough in preventive medicine may be just around the corner: Scientists at Oxford University believe they are on the way to creating a universal flu vaccine.

Clinic of horror ignored: Doc charged in 8 murders

A doctor in Philadelphia stands accused of performing illegal procedures in unsanitary conditions. And a city asks: How did this go on for so long?

Christmas mass is ground zero for hep A outbreak

A local health department is warning one church’s parishioners that their communion wafers may have been come with exposure to hepatitis A.

HHS announces new disease prevention program

The Dept. of Health and Human Services has unveiled a new 10-year agenda to promote good health and disease prevention.

California declares whooping cough epidemic

Most patients no longer worry about pertussis, but it’s rearing its head more often lately — with deadly results.