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How hospitals should handle confidential health conversations in public areas

Despite all the press given to data breaches involving technology, there are many other ways patients’ privacy can be compromised in hospitals, including overheard conversations. And they’re treated just as seriously as any tech-related violation – just ask one Pennsylvania hospital. 

Virtual assistants: 4 questions to answer before using them at your hospital

“Alexa, send Mr. Smith’s medication to the pharmacy.” This request may become more common now that Amazon’s working to create virtual assistants for mobile devices that are HIPAA compliant. Apple and other companies are following suit. 

2 big HIPAA settlements show why hospitals must protect computers, PHI

Your hospital needs to make sure it’s taking HIPAA compliance seriously, especially regarding its computers and networks. Any breaches or security problems involving patients’ protected health information (PHI) can have significant consequences for facilities – including hefty fines from the Department of Health & Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights (OCR). 

Avoid 4 common errors with your hospital’s EHR

Hospitals need to have electronic health records (EHR) systems that meet the needs of staff and patients. Using a system that doesn’t work for both groups can hurt your ability to provide high-quality care in an efficient manner, which could cause many problems down the line.  

Medical identity theft on the rise: How hospitals can help

Medical identity theft is becoming an increasingly common crime. Here are some of the steps hospitals can take to better protect their patients. 

4 keys to avoid security pitfalls in cloud-based EHR systems

A recent study reveals some of the critical security steps hospitals must take before turning to a cloud computing service for their electronic health records. 

Do patients care how their data is used?

As hospitals start collecting more data from patients, they’re finding that information can be used for purposes other than the person’s individual health care – such as marketing, quality improvement or other research. Are patients worried about their privacy when it comes to those secondary uses of their personal data? 

Privacy breach: 6 people fired at prestigious hospital

After 14 patient records were “inappropriately accessed,” in a week’s time, six people were fired from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles.

Most patients worry about EHR security, survey says

One of the challenges many hospitals face when they adopt electronic records: convincing patients that EHR systems are secure. 

30% of providers don’t know HIPAA regs, audits show

HIPAA audits conducted last year found hospitals were committing a number of violations. The most common reason: They weren’t familiar with what the law requires.