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HHS calls for more price transparency from hospitals

Price transparency is about to become even more critical for hospitals – that is, if a proposal from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) becomes final. 

New report paves way for more cost scrutiny

Get ready for closer scrutiny of your facility’s inpatient and outpatient hospital costs – and surprisingly, it’s not coming from Medicare this time around. 

How online payments can improve patient collections

Patients are taking on more financial responsibility for their care — and hospitals will have to change how they collect payments if they want to maintain their bottom line. 

Who’s exposing your prices now?

There’s yet another resource patients can use to research your facility’s pricing information without your input. 

Are secret shoppers the key for improved price transparency?

Patients want upfront information about the price of treatments from their hospitals. But to find out if they’re getting it, hospital leaders may need to go undercover. 

Why hospitals should foster more transparency

The cost and efficiency of care will continue to be a major motivating factor for many patients. They want to know how much services will cost so they can plan their care without breaking the bank. 

3 ways hospitals can reduce patients’ sticker shock

Thanks to Obamacare, the rate of uninsured Americans has dropped. But a new study shows the number of patients putting off care due to costs has actually gone up. 

Meeting price transparency demands

Patients are shouldering more of the financial burden of their care, and as a result there’s been a strong push for price transparency in the healthcare industry. Here’s how your hospital can meet the needs of those price-conscious patients.