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Improving prescription abandonment with the right information at the right time

Prescriptions are just one part of improving patients’ health. In this guest post G. Cameron Deemer, president of a technology company that connects people at patient care touchpoints, shows how patient engagement can reduce prescription abandonment.

One EHR tweak could cut medication costs & boost outcomes

Prescription medication can get pricey, and it’s a big contributor to the rise of healthcare costs in this country. There are several ways a hospital can make an impact regarding the rising costs of medication, including encouraging providers to write more scripts for generic medications. 

2 tactics to get patients to pick up medication after discharge

Hospitals need to make sure patients stay healthy after they’re discharged. One aspect of that is medication management, giving them the prescriptions they need so they can take the drugs as directed. But that’s easier said than done in many cases. 

Docs jockey for high HCAHPS scores by overtreating patients

When it comes to keeping patients happy, the mandate for some doctors is simple: never deny a request for an antibiotic, an opioid pain medication, a scan or a hospital admission. 

Drugmakers say hospitals making money off drug pricing program

Drug manufacturers are accusing hospitals that get steep discounts through a federal drug-pricing program of pocketing the savings to buy-up clinics, pay more staff and fund other projects rather than using it for patient care. 

Studies highlight 2 sources of dangerous health IT mistakes

Recent studies reveal two of the most common reasons clinicians and others might make serious errors when using new technology: 

Study: Mobile apps help avoid dangerous drug interactions

We’ve written before about how patients can benefit from mobile health apps that help them keep track of treatment or wellness plans. Here’s another way mobile apps can help doctors and patients: 

Study: Electronic checklist can reduce medication errors

Aside from reducing costs, one of the top benefits of health IT is that it can help providers improve patient safety. One recent study shows the success of a hospital’s efforts to reduce dangerous medication errors. 

New York legislature passes mandatory electronic prescribing bill

New York legislators recently approved a bill that will require doctors in the state to issue prescriptions for some drugs electronically within the next three years. 

Statins to get new warning labels about diabetes risk

Several popular cholesterol-lowering drugs are about to get updated warning labels that may scare off some patients.