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Health system saves millions on drugs with EHR

Prescription drugs can be expensive for hospitals, especially if they’re unusual ones. One health system used the technology in its new electronic health records (EHR) system to streamline its process for administering medication to patients, saving millions of dollars in the process. 

FSA reimbursement for OTC meds is getting easier

There’s new help for patients (and even employees) who want to have their OTC medications reimbursed through health care flexible spending plans.

New pill design could keep generics out of reach longer

Something as simple as adding a score mark to a pill could be enough to keep competition from generic pill manufacturers at bay.

Drug shortages blamed in deaths of at least 15 patients

Nationwide shortages of key drugs have led to price gouging. And now some experts say the crisis has led directly to over a dozen patient deaths. 

Company accused of wasting drugs to bilk Medicare

A major health care company has been accused of deliberately wasting drugs to make more money from Medicare.

Pharmacy refills patient’s meds at 10x dose — for nearly a year

A Phoenix woman suffered crippling esophageal spasms for months after a pharmacy repeatedly filled her medication at 10 times the prescribed dose.

Uh-oh! Placebos more effective than new drugs

The placebo effect is getting stronger. It’s a potential boon for patients and doctors, but a huge headache for pharmaceutical companies.

Doc’s favorite new prescription: More yoga

Don’t be surprised if your next yearly exam ends up with your doctor prescribing a little downward dog.

Key drug to prevent preemies to increase from $20/shot to $1,500

The FDA approved a commercial version of a progesterone shot used by women at risk for pre-term birth — but the approval actually makes the drug much harder to get for most patients.

FDA orders 500 medications off the market pending further review

Roughly 500 prescription drugs have been ordered off the market by the FDA, which claims that the medications never had a proper federal review for safety and effectiveness.