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3 ways organizations can embrace the future of population health

“Population health” has evolved into a health management concept that can help improve patient outcomes. For facilities that haven’t hopped on the population health bandwagon yet, Marc Helberg, managing VP of a consulting firm, provides three tips that can help them understand what goals they should aim for and what technologies they should incorporate.

Breaking down the silos: How to achieve EHR interoperability

Achieving electronic health record (EHR) interoperability is necessary for hospitals, but it hasn’t been achieved due to too many silos. In this guest post, Elizabeth Buckle, manager, product management at a health information technology and services provider, details what healthcare organizations should look for as they evaluate new solutions to achieve full interoperability.

Food insecurity: What hospitals can do for patients

Food insecurity is a significant problem for patients. And as hospitals put more effort into population health initiatives to better serve their communities, it’s become a higher priority to ensure patients have regular access to healthy food. 

Population health: 5 keys to successful initiatives

Hospitals have been challenged to focus more of their resources on improving population health as a whole. Payors and the feds are calling on facilities to take more responsibility for patient outcomes, and poor results affect hospitals’ reimbursement. However, this can be a daunting process. 

Value-based care: 3 ways to get started

Some hospitals are more prepared for value-based payments than others. But regardless of whether hospitals are ready, they’re coming. In time, the bulk of hospitals’ reimbursement will depend on the general health of their patient mix. So moving forward with quality-focused care strategies is essential. 

Use community health needs assessments to improve patients’ outcomes

All nonprofit hospitals must perform a community health needs assessment, per regulations from the IRS. However, rather than just meeting the bare minimum requirements for compliance, hospitals can use their assessments as a starting point for taking real steps to improve the population health of their patient mix. 

CMS discusses population health initiatives

More hospitals and healthcare providers are being asked to play a role in managing not just their patients’ health, but population health as a whole. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has just announced the results of several population health initiatives it’s been funding, and the results could change the way your hospital […] [MORE]