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Study says cyberattacks are on the rise — now what?

There’s another reason to worry about your data security — research shows cyberattacks have become the top cause of breaches. 

Protect your hospital from security threats caused by mobile devices

Hospitals are taking some big risks when it comes to IT security, particularly when it comes to staffers’ use of mobile devices.

36% of 2012 data breaches happened in health care

Across all industries, cyber security attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated – and more of them are targeting healthcare organizations. 

The biggest cause of health information data breaches

Security breaches of health information are becoming more common, and more expensive for facilities to handle. What’s behind the recent increases in security incidents at healthcare organizations?

Annual cost of health data leaks: $6.5 billion

When patient data is breached there’s a cost to patient privacy, but hospitals face a steep cost to their own bottom lines.

Your data isn’t as secure as you think it is

Nearly two-thirds of health care IT directors say their systems aren’t as secure as they should be.