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The doctor is out: 4 ways to fill staffing gaps in health care

It’s always a struggle for medical practices to find full-time, quality hires, and the challenge is exacerbated by a serious physician shortage expected to grow worse in the coming decade. This challenge is even harder when you’re trying to fill a temporary position. MaryAnn Stolgitis, VP of operations at a national recruiting and staffing firm, […] [MORE]

Clinical staff shortage: How your hospital can address staffing needs

More hospitals are seeing their operations suffer as the number of insured patients grows, and the number of physicians and nurses on staff dwindle. And the demands from the changing healthcare industry are taking their toll on the clinical staff. 

How your nurses can make up for your physician shortages

Many hospitals are struggling with a shortage of primary care providers, but there’s a way they can make up the difference: giving more responsibilities to their nurses.