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Healthcare organizations need to do better with third-party risk management

Nowadays, hospital executives and administrators are always worried about data breaches. In this guest post, Dennis Keglovits, VP of a company that provides governance, risk management, and compliance and information security software, explains the risks of outsourcing and the importance of having an ongoing risk mitigation process in place.

Healthcare today: Swapping IT assets for vendor risk in a cloud-enabled world

The adoption of cloud computing in the healthcare industry has helped hospitals work more effectively and efficiently. However, it’s also brought to the forefront many new security threats. In this guest post, Kurt Hagerman, cyber strategy CxO advisor at a provider of cybersecurity advisory and assessment services, lays out a holistic approach facilities can take […] [MORE]

HIPAA: It’s not as black and white as you first thought

It was a feat in and of itself to become HIPAA compliant. Staying compliant is a whole other ball of wax. In this guest post, Gene Fry, VP of technology and compliance officer at a developer and provider of HIPAA compliant document workflow and collaboration tools, identifies areas of HIPAA hospitals have to pay special attention to.

Recent settlements show cost of HIPAA violations

The feds are constantly on the lookout for HIPAA violations – and one high-profile case involving a reality show filmed at a hospital shows just how costly they can be for facilities. 

Added security risk of mobile healthcare workforce

Healthcare organizations are certainly not immune to cyber attacks. Sensitive data and personal health information (PHI) contained in patient records are often the ultimate target and can be extremely valuable to hackers. In this guest post, Nick Owen, president of a two-factor authentication provider, explains what make this data so valuable and how two-factor authentication can help protect […] [MORE]

What the largest HIPAA settlement yet will mean for your facility

The feds are continuing down the warpath against healthcare facilities with shoddy online security and health information protection — and the stakes keep getting higher. 

Data breaches: Lessons to learn from Target

Studying what Target did wrong during it’s recent data breach, and learning how to properly respond is a good idea for hospital executives and administrators.

Healthcare data security: What it costs you

Did you know that 2011 breaches of protected heath information (PHI) increased 97% over 2010 levels? Did you also know that 60% of those breaches resulted from malicious intent? And the number of patient health records affected totaled 19 million.