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Drugmakers say hospitals making money off drug pricing program

Drug manufacturers are accusing hospitals that get steep discounts through a federal drug-pricing program of pocketing the savings to buy-up clinics, pay more staff and fund other projects rather than using it for patient care. 

Paula Deen announces she has diabetes, will continue to cook with pounds of butter

Popular TV chef/restauranteur Paula Deen is under fire following her announcement that she has diabetes — and has signed a deal to promote a diabetes drug.

Man poses as pharma rep to steal drug samples

Bad: A pharmacy sales rep showing up in a busy office. Worse: A fake sales rep who smooth-talks his way in so he can steal all your drug sample inventory.

Uh-oh! Placebos more effective than new drugs

The placebo effect is getting stronger. It’s a potential boon for patients and doctors, but a huge headache for pharmaceutical companies.

FDA orders 500 medications off the market pending further review

Roughly 500 prescription drugs have been ordered off the market by the FDA, which claims that the medications never had a proper federal review for safety and effectiveness.

How far can you trust your pharma-rep doc?

A new investigation shows that doctors drug companies hire as speakers and advisers aren’t always the best and the brightest in their fields. Some of them are outright criminals.

Drug reps less welcome in the office now

Drug reps are finding it harder to get a sliver of face time with prescribing clinicians.

FDA blasts quality control at McNeil plant

More than 20 different problems with manufacturing and quality control processes at a major pharmaceutical plant were outlined in a report just released by the FDA.

Drug prices rising even more sharply

Prices for brand name prescriptions are increasing 9% on average this year — hot on the heels of industry promises to help slash prescription costs by $8 billion.