Healthcare News & Insights

Hospital’s nursing shortage turns deadly

Under-staffing isn’t just a management problem and a hassle for nurses. A new report shows it can have deadly results.

States creating their own single-payer systems while feds fight out reform details

While the feds continue to figure out how to interpret the health care reform law they’ve already passed, some states are taking the matter into their own hands.

10 hospitals now offer special addiction residencies

Growing interest in treating addiction as a medical issue, not a mental health issue, is behind the new program.

Teen pulls his own teeth with pliers, father had refused dentist visit

After a 14 year old boy pulled his own teeth out with pliers, his father now faces two charges of endangerment for not bringing him to the dentist.

Elderly patient beaten by workers at assisted living center

Two health care workers have been charged with a variety of crimes related to the alleged beating of a dementia patient care in their care.

Feds to take over 3 Tylenol plants

After a series of drug recalls and a criminal investigation, the FDA is taking over three manufacturing plants for the popular medication.

Goosing the nurse: Not recommended as an expression of gratitude

Some nurses get fancy chocolates from grateful patients. This one got goosed.

Dirty endoscope puts 75 patients at risk

An endoscope that wasn’t properly disinfected was used on 75 patients — and now they’re being asked to return to the hospital to ensure they haven’t contracted hepatitis or another infection.

False positive leads hospital to call mom an addict; state takes newborn

A soon-to-be-mom’s mistimed snack and a hospital’s too-aggressive stance on drug testing add up to one messy lawsuit.

FDA blasts quality control at McNeil plant

More than 20 different problems with manufacturing and quality control processes at a major pharmaceutical plant were outlined in a report just released by the FDA.