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More non-docs handling patient visits on their own

A new report from the CDC shows the number of outpatient visits handled by physician assistants (PAs) and advance practice nurses (APNs) is skyrocketing.

Removing blame increases error reporting

New research indicates that certain ways of tracking medical error reports are more successful at encouraging people to make reports.

Largest U.S. outbreak of measles highlights risk of non-vaccination trend

It’s the biggest U.S. measles outbreak in 15 years — and it’s being blamed on parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids.

Research: TV is changing toddlers’ brains

Educational TV for kids under two just doesn’t exist — so says the latest statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Moms: A mild fever is OK, put down the medicine

A leading pediatric group is urging parents to lay off the medications when kids have a mild fever.

Parents with insurance forego kids’ care due to cost

Even with health insurance, many parents are finding health care for their kids too expensive — and are going without.

Which docs gets sued most often — and what’s the real cost?

A new study from the American Medical Association looked into which doctors — by gender, age, specialty, etc. — are most likely to get sued or have other liability claims against them.

Study: 36% of docs won’t report an incompetent colleague

Bad news for those who assumed impaired and incompetent physicians would be reported by their peers.

Study: Pediatric MRSA infections increase 10x

Over the past 10 years, the rate at which children are hospitalized with MRSA infections has jumped from 2 to 21 patients per 1,000 admissions.