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Cancer treatment linked to cardiac issues

Chemotherapy, radiation and other targeted cancer treatments are lifesaving measures for many patients. But what doctors are discovering now is these treatments are wreaking havoc on cancer survivors’ hearts. 

Dad hides toddler’s medical marijuana from doctor

A Montana father slipped his 2-year-old son cannabis oil — behind the doctor’s back — as part of his cancer treatment. Good idea or bad?

Why are we overdosing our kids?

New research: 98% of the biggest selling OTC kid’s medicines come with dosing directions that are confusing. 

Doctor sued for misdiagnosing pediatric epilepsy patients

Everyone’s looking to make a little more scratch these days. Misdiagnosing and over-treating children isn’t the best way to do it.

Study: Pediatric MRSA infections increase 10x

Over the past 10 years, the rate at which children are hospitalized with MRSA infections has jumped from 2 to 21 patients per 1,000 admissions.

Why are some docs now referring patients to lawyers?

Just how comprehensive should health care be? New programs that marry medical care and legal aid are changing how the two disciplines interact.

Hospital fires 9 who refuse H1N1 shot for religious reasons

Few hospitals have gone as far as The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in requiring staffers to get the H1N1 flu vaccine.

Major hospital, insurers combine forces to cut costs

A pediatric hospital and four major insurers are co-operating in a unique new initiative to stem the increases in children’s health care costs while improving the quality of care.