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3 keys to improving patients’ sleep during hospital stays

The importance of a good night’s sleep for hospital patients can’t be stressed enough. It’s one of the most significant factors affecting their recovery. But due to practices such as late-night rounding, it’s difficult for patients to rest. 

New trend: Hospital care at home

Home care is common for patients who have conditions that limit their mobility or make it difficult for them to travel. Now a few hospitals are taking it a step further and turning the typical hospital visit into a house call. 

Late-night vital sign checks may hurt patients’ recovery

It’s been a long-standing tradition to check hospital patients’ vital signs several times in the middle of the night. But this practice may actually be harmful to patients’ recovery, according to new research.

How improving patients’ sleep in the hospital is key to recovery

With the hustle and bustle happening at all hours in a hospital, patients may have trouble getting adequate sleep, which could have a huge impact on their recovery.