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Breaking news: Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform law

The Supreme Court’s verdict is in: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is constitutional.

Supreme Court hearings create new uncertainty for health IT

As if the shifting deadline for the ICD-10 transition and complex meaningful use rules weren’t enough, now the recent Supreme Court hearings on healthcare reform are creating even more uncertainty about the future of health IT. 

Insurance premiums increasing faster than income

The latest research confirms: Insurance premiums cost families more — and cover less. Just how bad has it gotten?

Feds to spend $250M on building primary care

It’s no secret there’s a critical shortage of primary care docs. Uncle Sam is trying to do something about it.

The other side of health reform: Increased wellness initiatives

Largely unnoticed in the run-up to the recent passage of the health reform law, President Obama also has his sights on improving programs focused on disease prevention and general wellness.

States weigh pros and cons of health reform on their budgets

The newly passed health care law is generally seen as a boon to patients and most providers. But how individual states will fare is much less clear.

Health reform passes: Winners, losers and what to expect next

The health care reform bill finally passed, and while no one may be completely happy with it, it brings some definite good news for the industry.

Health reform bill to increase false claims investigations

Expect to see hospitals paying more settlements for false claims now that the health care reform law is on the books.