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Prevent social media nightmares with airtight policy

Are employees fully aware of your hospital’s policy for social media use? It’s best to make sure they are – otherwise, you may face a difficult situation like New York Presbyterian Hospital had to deal with regarding one of its emergency department nurses.

Some patients withhold info due to privacy concerns, study says

As more health data goes digital, many patients are worried about their privacy – and that could affect how well they’re treated. 

Study: 6% of doctors violate patient privacy on Twitter

Hospitals have likely been warned to make sure their employees’ social media mistakes don’t end up violating patients’ privacy. Should they be worried about doctors, too? 

Wikileaks gives some more reason to fear EHRs

So far, Wikileaks’ release of embarrassing government documents has been limited to foreign policy issues. But some fear it’s a sign that the feds can’t protect electronic health records, either.

No, you can’t look up your ex’s medical records

Seems like Iowa hospitals are facing an epidemic of nosiness — and HIPAA violations.

New HIPAA changes: Is your organization ready?

Privacy rule changes set to go into effect in 2010 could catch some health care staff off guard — and leave their organizations at risk. 

HIPAA nightmare: Staffers blogging patient info

You’d think it’d go without saying that health care workers shouldn’t include patient info in their Twitter or Facebook posts. You’d be wrong.