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Data breaches: Researchers advocate for sharing what, not just how much, is leaked

Researchers are urging hospitals to not just tally the number of patients exposed in the event of a data breach, but reveal the types of data exposed to both better understand consequences and create better security practices. 

Annual cost of health data leaks: $6.5 billion

When patient data is breached there’s a cost to patient privacy, but hospitals face a steep cost to their own bottom lines.

Removing blame increases error reporting

New research indicates that certain ways of tracking medical error reports are more successful at encouraging people to make reports.

How did hospital lose 20k patient records for a year?

One of the country’s leading hospitals is trying to explain how 20,000 patient records ended up on a homework-help site for nearly a year.

10 specialties patients have the most questions about

When doctor-shopping, patients request far more info about certain specialties than others. Docs in those fields should ensure they make it easy for patients to find what they need. 

Hospital pays $1M settlement over lost patient records

Another hospital has been hammered with a costly settlement after a staffer lost patient records on a subway.

One dumb move nets first civil HIPAA fine

The feds have issued the first civil fine for a HIPAA violation — and it’s a doozy.

‘It was just a splinter!’ Did hospital overreact to Facebook photo?

Have hospitals gone too far to protect “sensitive” information when even a simple procedure and a photo on Facebook are all it takes to get a number of  employees reprimanded for bad behavior? 

Patient info stolen by Hopkins staffer, used for identity theft

Patient names, birth dates, social security numbers and other information was allegedly stolen by an employee and used to apply for ‘instant credit’ offers. Total damage done: $600k.

No, you can’t look up your ex’s medical records

Seems like Iowa hospitals are facing an epidemic of nosiness — and HIPAA violations.