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Make zero ‘never events’ your hospital’s goal

“Never events” received their name because they’re serious adverse events that should never happen – they’re 100% preventable. Problem is, they do happen and with alarming frequency. And despite mandatory reporting, only about half the states comply, and what they report varies due to flawed measurement processes. So how can hospitals improve?

A different approach to fall prevention in hospitals

Patient falls are still all too common in hospitals. A quick slip can cause severe injuries – or even death. To keep a fall from negatively affecting a patient’s recovery, facilities need to make sure their fall prevention efforts go beyond the minimum requirements. 

Bed alarms may not be best at reducing incidents of patient falls

Hospitals rely on many tools to prevent patient falls, but are all of them effective? A new study focusing on bed alarms finds that, on their own, they may not work as well as once thought.