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Maximize the adoption of cloud analytics to maximize return on investment

Healthcare professionals have always relied on information to help them make the best decisions and recommendations for their patients. As the data revolution accelerates, practitioners need as much informed data as possible to continue improving patient care. The frontline medical devices they use each day generate tons of data, but that’s only useful when that […] [MORE]

Healthcare organizations look to the cloud for secure digital transformation

Healthcare costs are constantly on the rise, and healthcare organizations are struggling to preserve the expected level of services of care with the ever growing costs to maintain them. One of the most important items in this era is keeping patient data accurate and available, even as it grows exponentially.  New IT technologies, such as […] [MORE]

Hospital accuses own COO of stealing patient data

A hospital is suing its former COO, alleging that she stole patient records and other private data to share with her new employer.

Survey: Most patients leery of EHRs due to privacy concerns

Electronic health records may be the way health care is moving, but that doesn’t mean patients are ready for it.

Janitor sold patient records for cash

Recycling is great. Selling patient records to unauthorized recycling centers — not so great.

Yet another huge patient data breach…

When will workers learn: Unencrypted patient data on a laptop is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Fines adding up for hospitals that don’t protect patient data

California has assessed five hospitals a combined $675k for allowing unauthorized access to confidential patient information.

Report: Your security isn’t as tight as you think it is

A new survey indicates many health care organizations may have an inflated sense of how well protected their IT systems are.

Is an MBA the new prereq for M.D.s?

The changing nature of health care means physicians have more patient information available to them than ever before. Problem is, they don’t always understand the business side of the industry.

Is the mob moving into Medicare?

Medicare fraud, a typically non-violent, white collar crime, is turning into a much more dangerous game. And any health care facility is a potential target.